Why Support Sparkhaven Theatre?

Sparkhaven Theatre uses interdisciplinary collaboration to produce new work with a focus on excellence and joy for both artist and audience. Sparkhaven creates space for big ideas and reimagines the possibilities of storytelling.

We’ve assembled a team of nearly 50 artists, to create the experience of Tales from Camp Strangewood. The majority of these talented early to mid-career artists are trans, non-binary, and artists of color.  Strangewood creates a platform to showcase these artists, and through your support, provide income and opportunities many have lost during this crisis.  Our goals are to foster new relationships across and deepen connections with one another even when we can’t meet physically, transform our fears into an engaging and joyful experience, and ultimately feel less alone in a tense social climate.

Your donations go directly towards fairly compensating our artists and allowing us to provide accessible public theatre free of charge.  Any additional funds raised over our goal will be put towards raising stipends for the actors, directors, playwrights, and creatives involved in putting Strangewood together.  Use the donate button above to pay using our secure PayPal processor, pay via Venmo @sparkhaventheatre, or message us at sparkhaventheatre@gmail.com with questions or other support options. 

Our immense gratitude to all of our donors:

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