Nosferatu, The Vampyr

Presented by Sparkhaven Theatre & Homesick Play Project

Streamed via HowlRound TV

Written by M Sloth Levine

with Original Music by Alissa Voth

and Directed by Hannah Pryfogle

Cast: Jo Michael Rezes, Dev Blair, Maurice D. Palmer, Katie Grindeland, Victoria (V.) Brancazio, Rebecca Elowe

This digitally staged production was produced in lieu of a full-scale production, which was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nosferatu, The Vampyr, is a subversion of a tale known all too well, delving into the queerness of horrors of then and now, told through drama, song, film, riddle, and lip-sync. This rendition of Bram Stoker’s Dracula and F.W. Murnau’s film follows Harker and Will as they navigate love, plague, and sacrifice, all while the paranoia sets in.

"Not all streamed theatre content is worth viewing. Nosferatu is."

—Kitty Drexel, The New England Theatre Geek

...Wrath of the Swampy Thing...

Presented by Sparkhaven Theatre, Milkyway Coffee Roasters, Open Theatre Project & JP PorchFest

Written by M Sloth Levine

Score by Alissa Voth

Directed by Hannah Pryfogle

Fight Choreography by Jessica Scout Malone

Stage Managed by Emily Friedlander

Cast: James Wechsler, Dylan C. Wack, Hayley Spivey, Katie Grindeland, Jessica Scout Malone, and Siobhan Carroll as "The Swampy Kid"

It's a sunny day in Fairford Pond, USA, and the community has rallied for a picnic concert when local ingenue Joyce comes warning that he has been attacked by a Swamp Monster. Following in quick succession are alien invaders, an army of zombies, and a haywire Mayoral campaign. How will the day be saved?